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Diploma Boxing

Diploma boxing, or beginner boxing, is a milder version of the sport of boxing with special rules. Diploma matches are not judged by the number of times one hits the opponent – hard punches are strictly prohibited – but by the boxer's technique and conduct in the ring. Under no circumstances is rough play tolerated, and competitors are reprimanded if they put too much force into their blows. Judging is done on a 5-point scale, where 3 equals reasonable skill, and the perfect boxer would receive 5 points.

What the boxers learn:

  • to box smoothly and technically

  • to demonstrate their skills

  • to adapt to the opponent


In boxing, each match consists of three rounds and is supervised by four officials. Three judges assess the techniques used by the competitors while one ring judge ensures the fairness of the match. A competitor earns a certificate and the title of a full-fledged boxer if they score 27 points or more (calculated from 3 rounds x 3 judges x 3 points) for their proficiency. It is important to note that the beauty of boxing lies in the soft and crisp execution of techniques, not in heavy and sloppy movements.

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